We are a grassroots community support initiative for sexual health and rights based in the Arua District, in the greater West Nile region.

Founded in February 2015, and registered under the Companies Act, WERAIN focuses on sexual health and rights, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, and awareness and prevention of related diseases.

WERAIN brings attention to the human rights of marginalized individuals and groups in the West Nile region through advocacy, leadership, and development skills. The organization aims to eradicate stigma, social exclusion, and inequality in health and justice services to marginalized people in the region.


WERAIN’s goal is to create healthier and safer rural communities.


The organization’s mission is to build stigma-free and accessible health and justice services to the diverse people of the West Nile region, through human rights advocacy, capacity development and partnerships.


  1. Change perceptions of people and institutions that limit access to sexual health and rights information and services for marginalized people
  2. Research, document and disseminate information regarding sexual health and rights
    Sensitize communities to human rights education
  3. Rapidly respond with security and protection
  4. Raise sensitivity and awareness
  5. Distribute information about human rights and how to seek redress when those rights are abused and/or violated
  6. End stigma, discrimination and marginalization in health and justice service delivery


  • Non-discrimination
  • Equal opportunity
  • Teamwork and community effort
  • Integrity
  • Transparency